CH Birinci's Alice N Wonderland



Date of Birth:  May 10, 1999



Sire:  Birinci's Osker of Dayilar

Dam:  Birinci's Regan


Best of Opposite Sex, Charlottesville-Albemarle Kennel Club, 2000

Best of Opposite Sex, Harrisburg Kennel Club, 2001

Best of Opposite Sex, LeHigh Kennel Club, 2001

Best of Opposite Sex, Old Dominion Kennel Club, 2000


Alice was a delight.  She liked things on her terms and yet never did anything wrong.  She was kind, gentle and loving.  

She was one of the best mothers we have ever had.

Alice always did what you asked and then some.  Alice in her later years guarded a herd of miniature donkeys and my daughter.  









Alice's Offspring:






**Alice fell out of a moving van at highway speed on her way to the veterinarian for her OFA Hip evaluations.  Her one hip was damaged from the accident; therefore, OFA xrays were never submitted.  Her non-injured hip had good confirmation.  The injured hip healed without surgery.  Alice went on to live an extremely long life and died at the age of 14.5 years old.  Inquiries regarding Alice's x-rays are welcomed.

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