Ch. Birinci's Hint of Hoja (sire)



Ch. Birinci's Chocolate Frog ('Annie')(dam)


Date of Birth:  April 29, 2010


What happens when the Westminster winners rendevous?  Hoja won BOB and Annie won BOS at the Garden.  
It was fate that these star-crossed lovers met.

Days 1



Annie is a great mom!  She couldn't have done better.  She is gentle, yet protective.  She loves her puppies.

The puppies were strong and vigorous.  Four boys and one girl.  

Nice and uniform.

As sweet as chocolate candy!  

Week 1

The only girl.  We'll call her Annette (Lil' Annie) for now.  

The boys are growing.

Annie is a champion of a mom.  She is showing her winning side!


Puppy Pile!  They are awesome or we are smitten.  Maybe both.

Week 2-3

Eyes are open and puppies are active when they aren't napping or nursing.


Annie is still a winning mom and EJ makes a winning dad.


Katie socializes with one while others nap nose to nose.

Playtime! And the results of playtime...

more napping...

Week 6


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