Birinci's Howard Stern (sire)



Ch. Birinci's Chocolate Frog ('Annie')(dam)


Date of Birth:  March 8, 2011


Day 1

It was a long day and because of the small litter size,

Annie needed some help from Dr. Dove.  With the help of his staff,

we delivered three healthy puppies with no complications.  


Annie is a great mom!  She is gentle, yet protective.  She loves her puppies.  Welcome Home Howard!!!  We missed you.

The puppies were strong and vigorous.  Two pinto boys and one fawn girl.

Day 3


Full tummies...means resting babies.

Do I you really need to wake me up with that camera, mom?  The puppies are fine.


Day 5

Annie's three are on the right.  
She volunteered to help her sister, Tommy and nurse three of her puppies.  
Tommy's puppies are the younger, smaller puppies on the left..

Everyone sleeps together!


Week 2


Annie's puppies are the three in the middle.  They are big, bold and beautiful!

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