Birinci's Elmerando (sire)



Ch. Birinci's Hallow's Eve (dam)


Date of Birth:  April 18, 2012

The last of Elmer is here!  With a slim chance of pregnancy, due to semen quality of less than 30% motility we held our breath.  
We are excited to meet these beautiful puppies!!!!!  Bred on Valentine's Day and brought by Cupid!

Day 1


One boy and two girls.  All three are strong and vigorous.

Day 2


Eve is quite content with being a mom again.  All three nursing, no problem!

Week 1


Strong Chunksters.


Week 2


Naptime, playtime, naptime.




The male does cuddle time.  Socialization is soooo hard.


Week 3


The puppies start on real food.  Yum!

Big Boy investigates food.

Food coma!

Week 4

I am hansome and I know it.


The puppies visit Emily.  She thought it was great fun.

Week 5

So, the puppies are a bit wild now
and do not allow you to clean anymore without trying to help.  
So they have to be confined for cleaning and it is good practice for crating.  

Today, I had a silent protest.  They looked at me with disgust and went to sleep.

Week 6


So tough being the only boy!



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