Ch. Birinci's Hint of Hoja ('Hoja Jr.')



Date of Birth:  October 28, 2006


OFA Registration:  

Hips:  GOOD

Sire:  FCI, ASDCA, Canadian, Molosser, ARBA Ch. Buyuk Hoja of Cankaya Tepe, TT

Dam:  Birinci's Carmen

Patience is a virtue.  In 1990, my mother had vision.  She had already collected semen on some of our older dogs, but when Hoja was just an adolescent, she decided to collect his semen and freeze it.  That was well over a decade ago.  At that time, we knew we had a dog that had everything we wanted but the right female didn't exist yet.  Then came Carmen, over a decade later.  She never met the sire of her litter, but that didn't stop her from having a delightful litter.  We were lucky enough to have six wonderful puppies.  We were even luckier to have Hoja Jr. be one of them.  Some things are worth waiting for...

2009 # 1 Anatolian Shepherd Dog (breed standings)

Charlottesville-Albemarle Kennel Club, VA June 2009 Group 2

Charlottesville-Albemarle Kennel Club, VA June 2009 Group 3

Westminster Kennel Club, NY, NY 2009, Best of Breed Winner

National Dog Show, Reading, PA, November 15, 2008, Best of Breed
(aired on NBC on Thankgiving Day, following the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; click this link,
, to view the television broadcast.)

#3 Anatolian Shepherd Dog (all-breed and in-breed), 2008

#1 Anatolian Shepherd Dog (breed standings) June 1, 2008

Virginia Kennel Club, Richmond, VA June 2008 Group 4

Multiple Best of Breed Winner

ASDCA Supported Entries, St. Louis, MO 2007, Reserver Winners Dog

 He is size, temperament, movement and power.  He is a combination of size and agility.  He a delight to own.  
He is always in the mood for a good time.  Even as a puppy, he was leaving his impression on spectators and judges alike.  
Hoja Jr. is always family-handled!  Hoja also serves as my service dog.  Hoja's spirit is infectious.  He is the the quinticential ambassador for the breed.




Hoja does bright lights and big cities.  He left his paw print of Philly and NYC...





Hoja does Charlottesville....





Hoja does Harrisburg...




Hoja does Turkey in DC...

Hoja was one of several dogs to represent the Anatolian Shepherd Dog at the 2008 Turkish Festival


Hoja has downtime...



photos by:  EJ Collins

                                                                                                                                                                        Hoja Jr. meanders through the herd.


Hoja Jr. is awarded his first group placement!!!  GROUP 4


June 21, 2008

Thank you, Judge Noe for your lovely compliments!  Hoja Jr. was breeder/owner handled!

See his progression...


10 weeks old                                                                                                                  5 months old



6 months old                                                                                                     10 months old



    10 months old




Best of Breed out of the classes over Specials and Professional Handlers.  
Thank you, Mrs. Paula Nykiel.



Handled on this day by his family member, EJ Collins.

17 months old


later the same day...

His first experience in the Group ring proved to be moving.





When he isn't showing, Hoja Jr. is loving life on the farm.







Hoja Jr.'s Littermates:

Ch. Birinci's Hallow's Eve


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