FCI, ASDCA, Canadian, Molosser, ARBA
Ch. Buyuk Hoja of Cankaya Tepe, TT (sire)



Ch. Birinci's Big Green Toad (dam)


Date of Birth:  July 12, 2008


We are excited to announce the birth of the next tadpoles!

Day 3

Toad is a great Mom!  She loves her puppies.

All five lined up resting.  They had a long day of nursing.

Yes, you can tell them apart.


Week 3



                                                                            The foot is the tastiest pary of my body.


Girls rule!



Girl power restrains the toy.                                                                Then her brother rests with it.




  Boy o' boy o' boy.


Week 5


First the boys...



then the girls...



Week 7

Back in order...

Line up boys!



Your Turn Girls!




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